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Featuring James Ransom

Updated: Apr 19

When James is shooting, you can guarantee that the vibes will be good and creativity will be flowing. The energy that he brings to the studio is calm and inviting, which helps everyone on set to do their best work. That's how you know he'll always walk away with some amazing shots. We asked him a few questions, read below to hear more from him.

What initially drew you to photography? - "I took a photo class my junior year of high school and was mesmerized by the image magically appearing on photo paper in the darkroom."

Can you share a bit about your favorite moment from this shoot? - "The moment all the plants were potted in the ceramics and the "sunlight" was dialed in. I'm still amazed by what can be done with light."

What’s your favorite motto? - "My dad used to always tell me, 'Sometimes you have to do things you don't want to do.' It's been foundational for my work ethic."

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